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An Original Chain

We will sequentially update from the 1st stage using the Ethereum token and build a completely original network.
This brings significant advancement in regards to settlement fees and scalability issues.

  • The construction of a secure network that does not rely on miner rewards
  • A redesign of the development language


We will manage and acknowledge the credibility of the information from the sender to our online forums by using blockchain.
This action will bring accurate and innovative answers especially in regards to information management cost and information leakage problems.

  • Numericalization of online action with an original algorithm
  • Online ID managed by blockchain

Additional Features

We comprehensively cover a variety of services such as account settlement, messaging, crowdsourcing, etc. Users are able to customize their accounts and make use it with their businesses.

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Market research tool
  • Wallet
  • Messenger
  • SNS
  • Secure settlement using micropayment, smart contract


Wrappy is the product of an international team working together to bring to users a revolutionary Social Network Services (SNS) platform.

Wrappy is being developed by Proteusion Research and Development Co., Ltd., a company with a highly skilled development and marketing team based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Centered around Wrapious ltd. in Seychelles.