Wrappy is a next-gen messaging app with a built-in crypto-currency wallet. In the future, we’re aiming to develop a complete ecosystem based on blockchain.
Yes, Blockchain technology and Smart Contract help eliminate the need to place trust on any “trusted” central authority when using our app. The system is transparent, immutable yet secured at a high level for any data storage & transaction.
Currently, Wrappy is in its private Beta phase (or soft launch) and for the time being only available in Android and iOS (with less features). In a near future, we are planning to adapt Wrappy for all major platforms including web and desktop.
Wrappy is cloud-based with smooth & constant synchronization. Your messages can be accessed from multiple devices at once, and you can opt in to save your data in the cloud of up to 1.5 GB per file. Therefore, Wrappy is faster and more secured thanks to encryption.
Wrappy’s data is encrypted via the 256-bit symmetric AES, 2048-bit RSA and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. We also enhance security by offering two layers of encryption between Server-Client and Client-Client.
Again, Wrappy is under development with the private Beta version. Once the app is ready, you can download from our main website, or the Android/iOS app stores.
In Wrappy, we identify a user via the phone number. Unless you have either previously provided us additional KYC information or have access to Wrappy from any other of your devices, we could not help you retrieve the lost account.
Wallet is an integrated function in our app which means, when you download Wrappy, you do not need to download and install another wallet.
1. Inside the interface of Wrappy, go to the Wallet icon.
2. For a new user who does not have a private key yet, click “Create a new wallet” and set your own password. Your private key will be generated accordingly based on the password you have set. For a user who has an existing private key, you can import your private key. Therefore, your balance will be automatically imported to Wrappy wallet.
3. Start using Wrappy wallet to enjoy any services or transactions around the world.
The answer is “No”. Because of data encryption, security enhancement and our strict procedures, nobody can have access to your account.
Absolutely not. Even us, we have no access to your wallet and funds at any time because Wrappy utilises blockchain - the underlying technology that makes transactions highly secured. Only one the person who has the private key will have access to the wallet, and when you secure your private key, it is totally safe from any type of hacking.